Geronimo is now retired.

We can never say thankyou enough to Georgina for the privilage of having this boy. He is very special and there will never be another just like him. Gerry became unhappy and his happiness comes first, therefore he was neutered. A very hard descision for us.

He had a wonderful show career, and is one of the very few blues who have been so successful in the show world.

Our thanks to our two breeder judges, Daphne & Phillipa, for all your wonderful words over the years for him.

Thankyou Gerry for all you did for us, you are one special lad. Happy retirement !

Gerry is a blue classic tabby and was born in January 2001.

He came to us from Georgina Drummond of Lynxelot Maine Coon cats in Somerset. At the time we found Georgina, we were looking for a brown tabby with white to join our silver stud boy Yosemite Sam.

There were just no brown tabbies to be found, so we decided to go for a blue instead, and went to collect this huge heavy boned youngster that had grown so much in the few weeks since we had seen him.

Little did we know what lay in store for this wee boy....

Gerry went on to win Overall best in show at the Long Hair & Semi Long hair show at 8 months of age, his second show, how proud we were to carry this huge box of trophies home with us that day, not expecting it at all, indeed we missed seeing his win as we had gone to visit family and got back to the show too late to see it !

Gerry went from strength to strength, winning his first Challenge certificate at the Supreme show 2001 against a class of super cats. We give our thanks to the late Mr Dessauer for that special win.

We were also very proud that he won the 'Best Maine Coon' award there, presented to us by the Dutch Maine Coon Club.

He followed this with two more shows, two CC's and became a Champion at 11 months of age.

Gerry went on to become a Grand Champion, winning many CC's and Best of breed awards.

Along the way we also showed him in 3 Fife shows, where he gained his FIFE CHAMPION title too.

In 2003 Gerry won his first UK Grand Champion certificate in a class of super boys, this certificate can only be won at this prestigious show, and 2 certificates are needed to claim the title.

Gerry does not attend many shows now, but just for fun we took him to the Maine Coon cat club show in June 2004. Entered were 150 Maine Coons, and Gerry made us so proud when he was nominated and won


A special thanks to all his judges

Georgina, the boy done good !!!!

*** newsflash ***

We are so proud of this boy, who won his super title of


at the Supreme 2004 show.

Well done Gerry !!!

Gerry has won his certificate at every Supreme show he has entered

2001 - Champion Certificate

2002- Grand Champion Certificate

2003 - UK Grand Champion Certificate

2004 - UK Grand Champion Certificate

2004 was his final Supreme show

Geronimo's final show was at the National, in London on 4th December 2004, He had a wonderful day out, winning a Reserve Grand certificate, 1st Open & Best of Breed and all 1sts in his side classes.

He has acheived everything we wanted and more

A fantastic career, from kitten to adult, we would like to thank every one of his judges for all of his certificates.

Gerry has sired the following 4 titled cats out of the only four that are used for breeding/show from him in our prefix

Ch Coonflakes Ana Coonikova (with 2 Gr Certificates)

Grand Champion Coonflakes Sigcoony Weavr

Grand Champion Coonflakes Shaun Coonery

Grand Champion Coonflakes Facey Romford

** Geronimo went to his first show in a while, the Maidstone & Medway in December 2005, and won his first Imperial certificate ! **