Maine Coon Cats



Some of the judges reports on our cats from various shows.





Coonflakes Quantum of Solace

John Hansson Midland Counties May 2009

AC Maine Coon Kitten;
Red Silver Tabby & White, what a very splendid looking young lad, extremely handsome & wonderfully confident, certainly has presence. Excellent masculine look already becoming evident, the length & little longer than wide, well defined high cheeks, with excellent muzzle development, being square & strong, broad pads, gentle rounded brow line with slight concave curve at the bridge of the nose, strong chin of depth, excellent bite. Ears beautifully set, being quite tall & well pricked, well furnished interiors, size enhanced by the tufted tips. Lovely eyes, very expressive, quite large & with a pleasing gentle oblique setting, light amber/hazel tone. Strong neck, with long well muscled body already with the required rectangular appearance, excellent well boned strong legs & large paws with tufts emanating from beneath, absolutely glorious tail, very good length with beautifully full flow also evident, certainly gives a degree of finish. His coat was of excellent length & superbly well prepared, excellent density, some ruff starting to develop, shaggy tummy, good britches, glossy top coat. His Tabby pattern is very good, with all the required elements, butterfly, linked oysters quite well matched, lines down his back, well marked leg bracelets, even to some degree tail rings (albeit more evident on the underside). Silver ground colour has the typical reddish glow & could be a little more contrasted if you were being extremely picky, quite low on the white but in all the right places i.e. all paws, chest, tummy etc., beautiful clean sparkling white. His condition & presentation both superb, wonderfully composed lad who has already assumed the typical Maine Coon pose of outstretched limbs.

Jane Tackley Midland Counties May 2009

1st Jones COONFLAKES QUANTUMOFSOLACE (64 41dsw) MN 17.09.2008
An 8 month old Classic Red Silver and White Tabby Maine Coon, not the first
time I have judged this stunning exhibit. The body is long, solid and muscular,
substantial legs with large tufted round paws; generating the typical rectangular
appearance of this breed. The head is medium in length, the ears are well
furnished, good tufts to the tips. They are held high and spaced well apart. Full
and round golden eyes spaced wide and slightly oblique in set. Nose of even
width, the profile showing a shallow concave curve. Level bite and strong chin.
Muzzle square, the cheeks still developing. The coat is beautifully prepared
displaying well defined classic tabby markings. Clear ‘M’ to forehead, spotted
whisker pads, spectacles and thumbprints to ears. Attractive defined butterfly
to the shoulders, oysters to the flanks. Clear bracelets to the legs. Full flowing
tail to balance the body, this is wide at the base and tapers towards the tip.
The body coat shows red markings on a silvery red agouti ground. White chest,
feet and underbody. Frontal ruff developing and breeches. Then there is his
character, what a personality, a most promising exhibit

Jean Clare Cambridgshire Cat Club March 2009

AC Maine Coon Kitten
1st Jones. COONFLAKES QUANTUMOFSOLACE 64 41dsw. As soon as I saw him I thought “Stunning, whose ? “

Charles Spijker Croydon Cat Club February 2009

Almost 5 months old boy with a strong body on well built legs. Stunning head shape, excellent length and width in head! High cheekbones. Excellent strong and square muzzle. Eyes a little bit deep set. Large, high set ears with excellent width at the base.
This handsome guy surely has got “THE LOOK”! Needs more time to develop length ofcoat, but texture is ok and well presented. Length of tail fits to his body. Super temperament! Very, very promising guy that made my heart beat boom-boom-boom!

Grand Champion Noracoon Molepolole

Daphne Butters Midland Counties May 2009

Classic Silver Tortie-Tabby & White Maine Coon. A very large and beautifully balanced female, who looked lovely today. Large ears, well, furnished with tips and tufts, sitting high on the head and about an ear’s width apart. Head of medium length, well developed high cheeks and a very good overall length to breadth ratio. Slightly obliquely set green eyes, spaced well apart and large in size. Nose shows a concave curve in profile. Very well defined square muzzle leading to a firm deep chin. Level bite. Wonderful rectangular body, really long and heavy, in balance with the head. Really large boning to legs and round tufted paws. Long tail, nicely furnished and flowing, reaching the shoulders. Excellent length and texture to the coat, ruff framing the face, coat shorter over the shoulders and increasing in length down the back and sides of the body. Really glossy guardhairs covering the undercoat. Very well grown breeches. Generally well marked classic pattern, especially for a tortie and she has a lot of red in the coat throughout the head, body, tail and limbs. My only real criticism of her would be that I would like to see more silver base colour to the coat. The silver is present, though I would term it ‘low expression’. However this girl is such a wonderful example of the Maine Coon breed that I am prepared to forgive this factor. Her presentation was immaculate and she was super to handle.

Mrs L Dutton Midland Counties May 2009

AC Cat (not bred by exhibitor) Female Part 1
7 entered, 3 absent. 1 WHITMARSH’S GR CH NORACOON MOLEPOLE, 64 41esw, 1.5.07, Tortie Silver Tabby & White Maine Coon. Stunning girl of 2 years. She has a medium length head, width just less than length; her muzzle is square with a firm chin & level bite, cheekbones are high, nose has uniform width & has a shallow concave curve in profile. Large ears well tufted, wide at base tapered to appear pointed at the tip, high set but well apart. Full round eyes well spaced with slight oblique aperture & set. Substantial body which is solid & muscular with good breadth of chest, rectangular shape & squared rump. Substantial legs with large round paws, toes carried close with 5 in front & 4 behind. Tail is long, good width at base tapering to the tip. Coat is good length with undercoat covered by a glossy top coat. Head, neck & shoulders with shorter fur than that on the back, flanks & tail. Breeches & belly fur full & shaggy, ruff short but in place. I have judged this girl before & was very pleased to see her again in such excellent condition, however my comments from last year still apply, she has a very low expression of silver.

Grand Premier Coonflakes CaraMia

Mary Kalal Cambridge cat club March 2009

AV SLH GR PR NEUTER, FEMALE (3 lovely females present):
1 and IGP to JONES GR PR COONFLAKES CARA MIA (64.20) 31.10.05. A beautiful female of excellent type and balance; long firm well muscled body, strong legs with large tufted paws and long profuse well ringed tail; ears large, well tufted and furnished and excellent set, balanced head longer than wide with a broad square muzzle, slight concave curve to nose, high cheek bones, firm chin and level bite; eyes large, oblique set, dark rimmed and hazel green with an excellent wild expression. Coat well developed and double with a full ruff and breeches, excellent shine and texture and showing a clear classic tabby pattern in black and dark brown on a warm agouti background; excellent condition and beautifully presented she was a walking Standard of Points for the Maine Coon breed – congratulations!